Ready, set, learn.

From pop-up workshops and mommy-and-me groups to private tutoring and customized camps, we offer a variety of enrichment programming for ages 6 months to 12 years.

Get to know our classes.

What is a pop-up class?

A Shine pop-up class or camp can be whatever (and wherever) you want it to be. Choose from our Signature Classes or make up your own theme. (We love families with active imaginations.) A class can be one afternoon or a series of meetings—it’s up to you.

Who teaches Shine’s classes?

Each member of Shine’s teaching staff has been handpicked for their experience in both traditional and non-traditional classroom settings and trained in Shine’s learning philosophy of guided enrichment with a creative, modern twist. You can meet all of us here.

Where do the classes meet?

We go where you go—truly. We’ll set up class wherever you’d like: your kitchen, your co-op’s play space, the neighborhood playground, even the beach. Some of our partnered pop-up classes meet at school locations, too.

When do classes meet?

We work with your schedule. Period.

How much is a class?

Classes range from $35-$75 per child, per hour (pricing depends on amount of children in the class, type of class, length of class, etc.).

Are there other kinds of learning opportunities?

Yes! Shine provides one-on-one tutoring for general subjects and specific tests (and we strive to make each as fun as a play date).

CURRENT POP-UP CLASSES AND CAMPS – See what’s shining now

SIGNATURE AND CUSTOM CLASSES – Chose from our most popular classes or work with us to create a class tailored for your group

WORKSHOPS – One time master classes