And now, a few words from our Shine families…

I have known Aaron for years now and my 3 children have all benefited from and enjoyed the Shine program. He makes learning, listening, and following direction fun. In creating, the children learn important lessons about all cultures around the world. Priceless!

Shine planned a birthday for our 2 and 4 year old daughters and it was amazing! They organized the activities, which included both a craft and a magician, and the kids had so much fun. The magician was the most incredible kids performer I have ever seen, and many of the adults were mesmerized by his show! Additionally, Shine worked to help plan the logistics of the party and we truly appreciated that so that the adults could relax and just enjoy the afternoon. Thank you to Aaron and the Shine team for putting together such an incredible party. I give them the highest recommendation and definitely plan to use them in the future.

Thanks to Shine, our last 3 birthday parties for our son (his 4th, 5th and 6th), were a smashing success. From the initial brainstorming of ideas, to the implementation of those ideas, everything is done efficiently and with lots of creativity.On the actual day of the party, the staff from Shine is simply amazing, with much enthusiasm and a keen understanding of children. As a result, ALL the kids have a great time, and we have had a 100% tear free parties each year.

Aaron has distinguished himself as a master teacher. He is able to create connections with children and adults of all dispositions and is adored by both. He has an uncanny way of encouraging 2-year-olds to move from chaos into teamwork. He is comfortable with the best and the worst behaviors that children of this age exhibit. I have watched with admiration as Aaron handled squabbles between children, episodes of extended crying and difficulties with transitions. Aaron is a larger-than-life presence and absolutely nothing daunts him in the classroom. Children personally feel his intense interest and he continues to inspire both them and adults alike.

When I enrolled my two year old daughter in Aaron’s 2’s program I had no idea how lucky I was. To be honest, I thought it would be a somewhat educationally minded play group. I seriously underestimated the strength and ingenuity of the program that Aaron has created. Through structured play, music, art, and a myriad of other wonderful activities, the program strengthens kids’ innate joy of learning, teaches them social skills and goes above and beyond what one would expect of a pre-school program. My daughter began as a rogue baby; she now sits calmly in a circle, shares, counts, and can listen to a story or play a triangle amongst a group of other kids. But the most amazing thing is how much she loves it. To this day it is her favorite place in the world. Aaron has created a remarkable program that will bring creativity, educational enthusiasm, and joy to any child’s and family’s life.

Shine provided private cooking classes for my daughter and her friends at our home for a year. The teacher was simply wonderful–classes were fun, well structured, and produced really good food! As an added bonus, my once picky eater became more adventurous and to this day will try anything on her plate.

My four children have all enjoyed their Shine experiences over the past 8 years. We have many Shine art projects in our keepsake boxes that my children cherish. Aaron and his team have a magical ability to engage children and spark their creativity and joy.

Aaron is incredible; his way with children is unparalleled and he is just as patient, kind, compassionate, creative and understanding with parents!

My daughter Aveline absolutely adores Aaron. The cooking classes that she’s done with him have wonderful recipes the whole family enjoys, but are also excellent for teaching her both independence and how to work well in a group. They’re definitely one of her favorite after-school activities and I recommend Shine to all of my friends!

I cannot sing the praises loud enough for Aaron Goldschmidt and the Shine teaching team. LongHouse hosts the Shine Summer Camp where sculpture, artists, nature, and design are seamlessly introduced to children of all ages. Aaron’s enthusiasm is contagious. One sees it throughout every part of his multi-faceted program: in open ended discussions, discovery walks, meditation, science, and across all mediums be it music, art, or dance. There’s no wonder why the program’s called, Shine for each child is recognized, celebrated, and truly shines.

Having Sophia be part of Shine summer camp has been one of the highlights of the summer.  The curated, unique activities, along with the special attention, love, and care each child receives will make any parent feel comfortable and every child at any age feel loved and have the best summer.

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