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Each class is led by a trained Shine instructor and includes all materials, set-up, and clean-up. Classes will be tailored to your schedule. Don’t have time for a series? Click here to learn about our workshops.

Art Experience (ages 2-3, 3-5)

A hands-on sensory art class: This class will allow younger children to get an introduction to art by literally getting their hands dirty. We will pull, roll, smush, mix, and experience art through all of our senses.

Block Party (ages 4-10 years)

This custom constructive arts class takes blocks to the next level! Over the course of a semester, little architects will have the opportunity to expand upon traditional designs by being asked to think outside the (Lego) box. Different building materials (sugar cubes, marshmallows and toothpicks, tree blocks, wood blocks, and more) and loose parts will be introduced weekly so students get to explore a full range of construction and design.* Each class will culminate with a sculptural art project translating creatively what we learned and discovered through our hands on approach.

Boys Shine (ages 3-5, 6-7, 8-10)

A class for the boys: Focusing on literacy readiness, this class offers boys a chance to explore their unique interests through storytelling, as well as constructive and dramatic activities. Boys’ tendency towards aggressive play, silliness, and a need for dynamic, out-of-their-seat learning is addressed, along with a supported environment for “cool down” activities like reading and good citizenship exercises.

The Garden Project (ages 3-5, 5-7, 8-10)

An art and nature class: Inspired by Shine’s summer program at Bridge Gardens, this class will provide students the chance to explore the perfect combination of art and nature. In addition to indoor or outdoor planting, children will spend classes delving into art, science, and nature projects inspired by gardens, both urban and non.

Globe Trekkers (ages 4-7, 7-10)

An international art and cultural studies class: Grab your passports! Each week students will visit another country and explore art, music, flavors, and games from around the world!

I, Shine (ages 4-10)

Our new body/mind wellness program: This new class combines self-defense training, yoga, and social-emotional learning activities in order to fosters children’s physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.  In addition to self-defense techniques, children will learn important skills that will help: maintain their physical health; identify, manage, and express their emotions; improve their social skills; and develop their independence and belief in themselves, all of which will also make them more successful in school.  These classes will be taught be Elizabeth Chavez, a special education teacher and a trained instructor of social-emotional learning skills, yoga, and self-defense.

Kitchen Stars (ages 3-5, 6-7, 8-10)

Our signature cooking class: From cooking projects to kitchen science, food art to food books, this at-home cooking class is for budding gourmets who enjoy the culinary arts in all its forms.

Listillos (mixed ages)

Our signature art-based Spanish class: Listillos is a literacy based program that immerses children into the Spanish language by using fun and engaging activities that encourage language development through visual arts, music, movement, storytelling, and games. Children will engage in the richness of the Spanish language through thematic, age-appropriate art and literacy lessons in order to gain a better understanding of the language. Children will also explore the cultures and customs of Spanish-speaking countries through original art activity ranging from Mexican luchador masks, Colombian molas, Dia de los Muertos flowers and calavera, and Aztec codex. These projects will not only develop an appreciation of art and culture but will expose children to a wide array of Spanish vocabulary. The class is taught in a bilingual format and is open to children of all language levels.

Little Lanterns - 小灯笼 - Xiao denglong (ages 4-10)

Our signature Mandarin Chinese class: In our newest language offering, students will gain a solid foundation of Mandarin Chinese though the integration of art, music, science, math, and cultural studies. Younger students will be inspired through theme-based classes and experiential learning and play. Older students will explore more deeply and learn Simplified Chinese, basic reading, practice conversations, and the writing of characters. Classes are designed for all levels including students already learning Mandarin as a second language.

Little Luminaries (ages 2-3, 3-5, 6-7, 8-10)

A mixed class incorporating multiple components: This class combines discussion, art/ journaling, cooking, science, music, and movement all centered around a weekly theme. Many of our themes will be based on the natural world around us but also include holidays, celebrations, and even larger concepts like memory, roots, and cycles. In each class we will explore the different meanings of our theme and how we relate to them, both creatively and critically.

Music Stars (mixed ages)

Our signature music class: This 45-minute music class incorporates traditional children’s and pop music, instruments, movement, stories, and a lot of energy for music lovers of all ages.

Science Sparks (ages 3-5, 6-7, 8-10)

An interactive science class: Students investigate water, earth, weather, trees, rocks, volcanoes, living organisms and more in this signature, hands-on science class. Children will explore their natural world through experiments, stories and projects based on a weekly theme.

Sing & Shine (ages 0-2)

A music & movement class for babies: Children under 2 will get to explore music and movement with the support of a parent or caregiver. Each class will be based around a central theme and include age-appropriate exploration of instruments, rhythmic games, familiar songs, and even some rock and roll!

Stage Lights (ages 3-5, 6-7, 8-10)

A performance class that incorporates theater games, puppets, and masks: Designed for the creative child, this performance class takes familiar stories and brings them to life using music, movement, games, puppets, and masks. Children will transform themselves into their favorite characters, or create new ones and plays of their own.

The Studio: Art Masters (ages 5+)

A more advanced art class: Children with a strong interest in art will examine works and styles by some of the greats and emulate them in age-appropriate and creative ways!

The Studio: Group Music Theory (ages 5+)

Led by a classically trained musician, this unique class introduces the language and theory of music to older children through movement, singing, instruments, and musical games. Participants will gain a strong foundation for private instrument instruction.

The Studio: Private Piano and Guitar (ages 5+)

Children learn the technique and performance of their instrument through classical exercises, musical games, improvisation, and weekly assignments. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s learning style and values self expression and enjoyment of the process above all else.

The Studio: Yoga & Art (ages 2-4, 4-6, 6-7, 8-10)

Children learn the technique and performance of their instrument through classical exercises, musical games, improvisation, and weekly assignments. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s learning style and values self expression and enjoyment of the process above all else.

Style Stars (ages 4-7, 7-8, 8-10)

A class for young designers, both girls and boys: Does your child have a passion for fashion? From clothing to costumes to accessories and more, young designers will learn the basics of illustration, embroidery, weaving, and jewelry making as well as explore historical fashion trends. This class encourages fashion-forward designers to create their own sartorial expressions in carefully crafted, teacher-led projects.

The Write Stuff (ages 4-6)

A creative pre-literacy book club: At Shine we ignite your child’s love of reading and writing by combining foundational skills with creative play and projects. Some topics covered during our private or small group classes are vowel/consonant sounds, blends, digraphs, rhyming words, long and short vowels, and handwriting. With our extensive library, we will read children’s classic books by celebrated authors such as Bill Martin, Mo Willems, Roald Dahl, and more.

For information on our under 2 and over 8 year old programs, contact us.

Custom Classes

We think our Signature Classes are great, but we want to hear what kind of classes you can dream up!  Got an idea for a class?  We’ll collaborate on whatever your child’s interests are no matter how specific.

Custom classes range between 4-12 sessions. Contact 212.414.5427 or aaron@shinenyc.net for more information or to start planning your class today!

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