little luminaries


The perfect complement to a traditional preschool program and beyond.

With years of hands-on preschool experience, Aaron Goldschmidt has developed the Little Luminaries classes for preschool aged children to more fully explore concepts, themes, and ideas that come up in both school and their lives. Rooted in creativity but with a focus on “thoughtful education,” each class combines a multifaceted, hands on approach to learning. Many of our themes are based on the natural world around us but also include holidays, celebrations, and even larger concepts for the older classes. In each class we will explore the different meanings of our theme and how we relate to them, both creatively and critically. And as always, all Shine classes focus on practical, social, and life skills helping to create critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and thoughtful humans.

Little Luminaries: 16-24 months

An introduction to Shine’s signature class for the youngest learners, children will have a chance to engage in creative, structured play.  Each class will be based around a central theme or concept and include circle time with music, an art or sensory activity, a story, guided free play, and exploration. A nurturing, supportive environment encourages socialization, participation, and imagination.  It is a wonderful precursor to a more formal 2’s program.  Adult participation required.

Little Luminaries 2s

In this first separated level, 2 (or almost 2) year-old children will have a chance to engage in creative, structured play while working on socialization and developing autonomy.  Each class will be based around a central theme or concept and include circle time with discussion, music and movement, an art and/or sensory activity, a story, and just enough free play/exploration.

Little Luminaries 3s

In our 3s class, independence, community, and collaborative learning are emphasized as themes involve even larger concepts like memory, roots, and cycles.  It is during this year that we focus in a fostering of self-confidence, early learning skills, and problem solving techniques.

Little Luminaries 4s/Pre-K

In this final level of the program artists, countries, and culture get introduced to the mix and we help to further prepare students —cognitively, socially, and emotionally— for full-time school.