Mini-masters in one afternoon.

Round up some friends and allow our Shine educators to turn a play date into an exciting, enriching, and educational workshop. These master classes are fully customizable based on your child’s interests. We can incorporate cooking, art, music, science, charity work, and more or base it around a seasonal celebration or holiday. 

Signature Workshops

Block Party

In this constructive arts workshop, young architects will have the opportunity to expand upon traditional designs by being asked to think outside the (Lego) box.  Different building materials  and loose parts will be introduced so students get to explore a full range of construction and design.  The session will culminate with sculptural art projects translating creatively what we leaned and discovered through our hands on approach.


In this Jurassic workshop packed with prehistory, children learn about their favorite extinct lizards through books and dramatic play as well as what animals descended from those giant reptiles today. Kids become chemists and create baking soda volcanoes before leaving class with art work and a dinosaur egg excavation kit to do at home!

Green Thumbs

Living in a world full of technology means nature and the great outdoors can feel miles away. In this workshop, children learn about a seed’s spectacular life and then get their hands dirty planting flowers and herbs in a container they decorate. A fun way stay green!

Kids In Space

Go where no kid has gone before in this galactic workshop as we explore our solar system, the concept of gravity, and space travel. Along with other creations, space cadets will create their own planetary mobiles based on Calder’s Constellations series.

The Lighthouse Workshop

Giving back to the community is one of Shine’s first priorities. This workshop introduces children to the idea of charity in a fun and age appropriate way. Kids work together to cook and/or create arts and crafts projects to be delivered to a specific local organization in need. Learn the words to our charity song “Love is Something if You Give it Away” as we join together and find out how to make giving a part of our daily lives all year round.

Myth Makers

The creatures and characters of myths and fairy tales have enchanted children for centuries. Let us capture your child’s imagination as we  explore stories from around the world. Children act out scenes and create arts and crafts inspired by the characters, whether it’s Icarus’ feathered wings or an Aztec offering bowl. 

Style Stars

This fashion-forward workshop delves ballet-flat first into the fun-filled world of clothes, costumes, and accessories. Fashion’s historical trends, from flappers to flower girls, become an artful inspiration for young designers’ own sartorial expressions. Walk out wearing your new creations – or give as a gift!

The Write Stuff

This classic writer’s workshop provides a safe, supportive, and fun environment for young writers to express themselves though the written word.  Each workshop will feature a directed writing prompt and storytelling games, to provide a spring-board for creativity and experimentation. Writers are given the chance to read their work aloud— a great step to building public speaking confidence and an opportunity to share feelings and ideas, however, silly or serious, with peers.

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