Youth Camps Are Safe, New Study Says

Warmer weather has many New Yorkers looking forward to better times, including the ability to gather in small groups outdoors again. Spring Break is coming up for our kids, which means they’ll need child care and entertainment during school-free days. We’re pleased to report great news as to the safety of spring break and summer camps. Shine camps operated last summer without a single positive case reported. Beyond that, on a grander scale, new analysis confirms the almost nonexistent transmission rate when proper hygiene and distancing protocols are put in place.

Youth Camps Provide Opportunity for Safe Social Interaction

Last month, Duke University researchers published a new study in the journal Pediatrics, affirming the safety of summer camps. They analyzed data covering more than 6,500 children and staff members at 54 YMCA programs in North Carolina from March through August 2020.

Though overall regional community transmission rates were peaking at this time, researchers identified just 10 campers and nine workers with confirmed COVID-19 infections during that time. Out of the 19 infections, only two individuals were believed to have caught the virus there. All others were infected outside of camp. Symptomatic spread rate (with the presence of cough or fever) was 0.6% and asymptomatic spread risk was 0.07%, according to the study.

They added that the social and emotional benefits of the “in-person programming” camps provide further “outweigh any risk of transmission.” This past year has been difficult, but families can feel comfortable promoting the wellbeing of their children through camp settings this spring and summer.

COVID-19 Safety Measures Make a Difference, Experts Say

According to researchers, the low transmission rate can be attributable to measures like:

  • Offering outdoor activities, as well as indoor.
  • Minimizing groups to 10 kids per adult.
  • Pre-camp quarantining for overnight campers.
  • Conducting daily temperature checks and health questionnaires.
  • Enforcing hygiene measures like mask-wearing and hand-washing.
  • Encouraging social distancing of six feet or more whenever possible.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, play spaces, and materials daily.

All Shine camps and workshops follow NY State best practices and the latest CDC guidance. Visit this link for details on how we’ve been operating safely this past year.

Shine Spring and Summer Camp Registration in the Hamptons and NYC Are Now Open

We’ve been cooped up too long! Shine can keep your kids active, educated, entertained, and safe this spring with classes, workshops, and day-long programming at camps in the Hamptons and NYC.  Shine programming is run by experienced educators and geared toward ages 4-12, incorporating art, music, science, culture, foreign language, cooking, free-play, sports, theatre arts, games, as well as your child’s own unique interests.  

Our Spring mini-semester runs from Monday, April 5th through Friday, June 11th

Summer programming is also available Monday, July 5th to Friday, September 3rd. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, group sizes will be limited. Contact us for details.

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