Shine’s Top Picks from the August 2012 NYIGF

Every January and August the creative team at Shine makes it a priority to attend the NYIGF and see the latest products for children.  We are always amazed by new designers and the ways classic, everyday children’s items are re-imagined to meet the needs of the modern family.  Here are our picks from the current show at the Javits Center in NYC.


Blocks are fundamental for children’s development, but Uncle Goose has taken block play to a whole new level.  Of course we’ve always loved the Classic ABC blocks, but the Foreign Language blocks are rocking our mundo!  With 16 languages to choose from, these blocks are so special for children growing up with multiple languages or those just getting a head start on learning a second one.  Other favorites are the President block set and Egyptian Hieroglyphics block set.  Handmade in the USA and modern with a nod to the past, Uncle Goose blocks look fresh in any playroom and make the perfect gift.

Brinca Dada’s architectural blocks had our grown-ups drooling.  Ideal for the playroom or the office, these blocks are sure to inspire children and adults alike.

Shine's Top Picks from the January 2013 NYIGF


We love all things Petit Collage but are currently obsessed with their ABC posters and new prints on wood, especially the jumbo My World map printed directly onto FSC-certified solid birch wood.

Banquet Workshop has created some gorgeous screen prints that would look stunning in any playroom or bedroom.  Our favorites are the Northern Friends, Burrowing Animals, Pacific Sea Animals and Gulf Coast Sea Animals posters.  Beautiful to look at and also educational…the perfect combination for us at Shine!


While dollhouses are a staple in classrooms and in most playrooms, finding one that is stylish enough to take up precious apartment space is tough.  That’s where Brinca Dada comes in.  Another like minded company taking classics and giving them a modern twist, you can choose from one of three styles all designed by a top NYC architect. Get some of the modern furniture accessories and you may create a dollhouse so nice you might wish you could actually live in one.

For a more fiscally responsible option, Lille Huseet has created a set of modular, eco-friendly dollhouses with endless possibilities.  What makes these dollhouses so special is that they can be broken down and reassembled allowing for easy storage and transport but also giving children the opportunity to both build and decorate their houses.  Their website has endless design activities and ideas to inspire imaginary play and creativity in both boys and girls.

And we at Shine LOVE the company’s “Imagine Your World” series.  A zero waste activity set that entices young imaginations to go out and explore, draw, collect, write, discover, and ultimately imagine the future of our world.   It’s for for all kids in all cities!  Collect one of 6 compostable posters which include: discovering your world, exploring your community, retreating to your home, cultivating a garden, love and wonder about your family, sharing and preparing a meal.

Perennial favorites like Kid O products and select items from Eeboo still make us happy.  In fact, there were dozens of products that inspired our team this year and we look forward to incorporating many of them into our classes and events.  We’ll  already excited to be heading back to the NYIGF in January.  Until then, we will continue to share our favorite toys and products with our community.

By Aaron Goldschmidt, Founder & Director, Shine

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