Quick and Healthy Afterschool Snacks

Back to school usually means less time for everyone. Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning or running to after-school activities in the afternoon, time is a commodity and preparing meals and snacks can sometimes feel like a chore. The quickest and easiest snack isn’t always the healthiest. At Shine, we prefer to give children whole foods as opposed to anything in a bag or out of a box.  Penny Tylor, a  RN and BSN, shares some of her favorite quick and healthy snacks. For more ideas, our cooking classes not only teaches children about making healthy eating choices but also provides families with easy, delicious and fun recipes. To set up a mobile cooking class, contact us at info@shinenyc.net.

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Quick and Healthy Afterschool SnacksSchool is out for the day. Less than one second after your kids walk through the door you hear it: “I’m hungry!” Sure, it might be easy to quickly hand them some graham crackers, cereal, or a few slices of cheese, but why not try some snacks that are creative and fun?

One of my favorite afterschool snacks begins with a brown rice cake. Then you spread some natural no sugar added peanut butter (you can substitute sunflower seed butter if your kids are allergic to peanuts) and drizzle some agave nectar or honey on top. Decorate with dried cranberries or raisins and serve!

Dinosaur smiles are also a fun treat! Simply slice a green apple and spread peanut butter (or sunflower seed butter) on one side of the slice. Use two slices and put mini marshmallows on the peanut butter side of the one slice. Then attach the other slice and angle it so it looks like a big green smile! The formula is: green apple lips, peanut butter gums, and mini marshmallow teeth.

For another special treat, slice a banana into one inch sections and dip in orange juice. Then roll the pieces in crushed corn flakes or another favorite cereal. They are delicious and crunchy and easy!

For those super busy days (wait, isn’t that every day?), frozen grapes are the perfect snack. Just clean and separate a whole bunch of grapes, dry, and place on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Freeze and enjoy a handful of cool goodness!

By Penny Tylor, RN, BSN, St. Ambrose Catholic School: A Notre Dame ACE Academy

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