Giving Thanks & Saving Room for Dessert

November may not be the warmest of months, but the sensation that fills us is incandescent. The foliage is radiant in reds, glowing in oranges and electric in yellows. The sky is saturated in rich blues and soft clouds. Without even thinking of the times we are about to share with our family, November fills our hearts with its striking beauty.

Well, now it’s about to fill our belly. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we all know what that means: trying every dish that was brought to the table so your quirky aunt doesn’t get mad and listing to your loud uncles argue about who’s better, the Jets or the Giants. Since this day is known for overindulgence, have a plan before you start. Hamptons Wellness on Wheels is here to give you tips on how to make your day healthier and your appreciation stronger.

Happy November and happy Thanksgiving!


By Sara Colletti, Hamptons Wellness on Wheels

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