Falling Into Healthy Habits

Autumn is a time of change and as the leaves begin to fall we start to change our palates from summer time barbeque and sweet to more savory and hearty.  Besides our changing tastes we also change our behaviors.  The summer brings spontaneity and passion while the fall keeps us grounded as we search for new concepts and paths. Grounded: being fully present and aware of the now while staying balanced, centered, and aligned.

When it comes to lifestyle patterns in the summer, often we tend to lose sight of what is important.  With the excitement of sunshine and warmth we start to forget about what our bodies need and we focus on what our minds want. The fall gives us the chance to find or reinvent ourselves and maintain a grounded inner peace.  When choosing our nourishment we need to reach for those grounding foods. A delicious and nutritious vegetable is the beloved pumpkin. This seasonal symbol gives us to many options: carving, painting, toasting seeds, making soup, and so much more – all creating moments that are fulfilling to the soul while benefiting from incredible nutrients. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins, let’s welcome this grounding vegetable back into our lives and kitchens.


By Sara Colletti, Hamptons Wellness on Wheels

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