A Box Full of Gratitude

Can we ever really thank our mother’s enough? Flowers, chocolate, jewelry? Probably not. I remember being in elementary school and telling my mom that someday I would buy her her very own Greek Island. I knew she loved Greece and was clearly aware she deserved something big for all she did (I was not an easy child). I am still trying to get my mom that Greek Island, and perhaps just a trip to Greece together someday will do, but there are much simpler ways for children to give back to moms on Mother’s Day. At Shine, we love to paint terra-cotta pots and plant flowering herbs as gifts. Even a homemade card will make any mom feel appreciated.

This week, Shine art specialist Christina Soriano provides a very simple idea to make something very meaningful to give. What we love most about it is that children can add to it all year so moms feel appreciated not jut on Mother’s Day but everyday.

Continue to shine your light on your mom –
Aaron Goldschmidt, founder & director

When I was a child I remember creating handmade gifts for my Box Full of Gratitudemother all the time, whether it was a card or painting. Show mothers gratitude by creating a box of full of thoughtful “fortunes” where each message is a reason why you’re thankful for them. All you need is a small box, paint, paper, and some genuine, heartfelt thoughts!

  1. Most craft and art stores have paintable wooden or decorative boxes. Set up your workspace with a covered surface, paintbrushes, paint and the item you are painting.
  2. Cover the exterior and interior of the base and lid and allow to dry. If you would like, use a smaller brush to paint words or other designs.
  3. Using small paper strips, write one reason why you’re thankful. Fill the box up with several messages!

By Christina Soriano, Shine art specialist

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