8 Ways To Escape Your Winter Blues in NYC

Whether you’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements or not, the extended cold, gray, blustery days gets to the best of us. Instead of sitting through another mind-numbing day of dishes, laundry, and toy pickup, grab your little besties and see what NYC has to offer in February.

1. Ice Skating – Four is about the best age to begin ice skating with your child. Grab a cup of hot cocoa after a free skate at Midtown West’s Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. Go on a weekend morning or before 5 pm on weekdays to beat the rush. Lasker Rink in Harlem is never terribly crowded. Central Park’s Wollman Rink has the most fabulous view of Midtown, especially by moonlight. Rockefeller Center is one of the pricier places to go, but it appeals with a charming setting in the heart of the city. Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers offers lessons and indoor skating.

2. Tubing – If you’re up for 90 minutes of driving, Mount Peter in Warwick offers adventure for kids big and small. Kids 42 inches and up can ride the conveyer up and tube down an exhilarating 600-foot hill. Smaller guests are treated to the Little Tikes tubing hill and a kids’ play area for $20. Tandem tubing is allowed for guests 36-48 inches, but prepared to supervise. Skiing and snowboarding are available on the mountain if you’re up for the exercise.

3. Hot Chocolate Date – Manhattan’s best cocoas are experiences in a cup. MarieBelle in Soho serves up batter-thick South American cacao blended with banana in Tea Party worthy china. Max Brenner is a whimsical place full of whirring machines spinning the chocolate alongside your table before it goes into a ceremonial mug alongside dessert pizza, sugar waffles, crepes, chocolate fondue, or whatever you fancy. The City Bakery in Flatiron is the home of an annual Hot Chocolate Festival and offers a new flavor each day, with 4-ounce shots and mini marshmallows available for the littlest cocoa lovers. Dylan’s Candy Bar is not only the sweets emporium of the celebrities, but a hotspot of mouth-watering chocolate.

4. Play Cafes – Indulge in a delicious espresso with your adult friends while the kids explore the play market, various vehicles, and walk-in dress-up closet of City Owlets in Long Island City. The Coop in Brooklyn is the perfect place to grab lunch and leave the mess in the gated kids’ play area, which includes a kitchen, soft blocks, bins of clean baby and toddler toys, rocking horses, shopping carts, and interactive playthings. Or you may sip on adult beverages at the classy Lark Café in Flatbush, which offers a spacious, bright playroom with drop-in hours and classes.

5. Indoor Water ParkCoco Key Water Resort in Mount Laurel, New Jersey is just under two hours from Manhattan, but it’s well worth the trip. If you’re zonked from all that swimming, you can always stay the night in the hotel. Facilities include a lazy river, aquatic jungle gym, activity pools, baby wading pools and slides, and 1,000 feet of water slides.

6. Butterfly Conservatory – The butterflies are on display on the second floor of the American Museum of Natural History from the beginning of October through the end of May. Mingle with over 500 majestic winged creatures, including Monarchs, Swallowtails, Blue Morphos, and Large Owls. In the wonderful 1,200-square-foot, 80-degree vivarium, surrounded by tropical flowers and lush vegetation, it’s easy to lose yourself and forget it’s still winter in New York.

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